WILD /wīld/ adjective

living or growing in the natural environment; not domesticated or cultivated.

About Us

I create joyful fashion with custom art prints to add to your closet collection. I make pieces to be cherished and worn year after year.  I believe in treating your closet as a collection to be filled with pieces you love and make you happy.  What you wear should be an extension of who you are. Embrace your inner wild lady and live according to your own instincts; not domesticated or cultivated by others. 

I work with artisans and purpose driven companies to make luxury quality apparel.  I design and print my luxury fabrics and produce in small batch runs to minimize waste.  I want to be sure every piece makes it into a closet that will cherish it. Not a landfill.

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  • Why do we use Digital Pigment Printing?

    Digital pigment fabric printing is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional textile printing methods.

    One of the main sustainability benefits of digital pigment printing is that it uses significantly less water compared to other printing methods. Water is a scarce resource, and the textile industry is known for its water-intensive processes, particularly during the dyeing and printing stages. Digital pigment printing eliminates the need for water in the printing process, which significantly reduces the amount of water used and wasted.

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  • Pictures from the back, Merino Wool Cardigan in Milky White with butterflies in shades of red, blue, tangerine, and black.  Made in family owned factory in Italy. Worn with denim cutoff shorts and cowboy boots.

    Spotlight: Butterfly Cardigan

    I'm so excited theButterfly Cardiganis freshly stocked and ready for Fall! It's a classic button-down cardigan with ribbed texture for comfort and fit.  The Merino Wool is soft and durable and the butterfly print is illustrated and designed by me! I worked with an amazing artisanal factory in Italy to bring this cardigan to life.  Nestled in the heart of the Umbria region of Italy they've been producing high-quality, handmade knitwear from natural yarns since 1970.

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