12 Days of Christmas! - Day 3: Butterfly Cardigan in Merino Wool

Day 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas!  Today is dedicated to our Butterfly Cardigan in Merino Wool.  This is one of my favorite pieces I've every made!  I worked with an artisanal factory in Italy to use my butterfly artwork to make this print and have it knitted in the comfiest merino wool yarn.  The oversized fit is super cozy and the sleeves are extra long.  

You can take it from me when I say you can wear it with anything. 

I've worn it with: 


cutoff shorts

sweatpants (in every color)

dress pants (could be any color but I've worn it specifically with black, olive, and bright red)

over cotton dresses

over linen dresses

over short dresses

over long dresses

the list could really go on....

Reminder: Everything is 30% off sitewide during the 12 days of Christmas!


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