12 Days of Christmas! - Day 4: Long Sleeve Silky Jersey Maxi Dress in Butterfly

On the 4th day of Christmas I really committed to the butterfly theme...

The worker at the UPS store last week took my packages and said "Oh! You're the butterfly lady!".  (There are butterflies featured on my packaging.)  That might be my favorite moniker and I will gladly embrace being the butterfly lady!

The Long Sleeve Silky Jersey Maxi Dress in Butterfly is one of my favorite pieces to wear.  I always get a compliment in the ladies' room or in the elevator so it's become one of my favorite happy pieces to wear.

I wore it this fall with cowboy boots (seen below) and last week I wore it with black tights and knee high boots.  I also love adding a sweatshirt on top to make it feel like a skirt so it has a lot of different lives.


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