Spotlight: Maxi Dress in Butterfly

I love this dress!  It makes me happy to see it in my closet and it makes me happy to wear it.  

I designed it as a companion piece for the Merino Wool Butterfly Cardigan that was introduced in the Spring.  I never want your pieces to be worn this season and put in the giveaway next.  I want them to live in your wardrobe year after year, adding pieces to your collection to create a closet full of good memories.  

This piece is one to make memories in.  Wear it to dinner with your favorite jean jacket, or do like I did and pair it with your favorite cowboy boots.  I think I need to find a county fair to wear this look.  In my head this look is meant for eating cotton candy and riding the ferris wheel with the flashing lights of the county fair behind me.  Even if you don't have county fair plans in your future I think you'll find quite a few instances where this dress is the perfect thing to wear today.

Made in London.

Fabrics are printed sustainably, eliminating water waste and avoiding introducing toxic inks and dyes into the water system.

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